Welcome to VACC Estonia

Virtual ATC Centre of Estonia is unofficial unit within VATEUD. Our aim is to provide Air Traffic Services and ATCO Training. Our team consists of aviation enthusiasts and real-life specialists, who are dedicated to develop and maintain quality of service within Estonia.


Check out our event this Thursday, October 19th!

 We'll be kicking off a new event in our FIR called "Thursday in Tallinn".

All our ATC positions will be manned and we welcome all traffic - IFR, VFR or overflights!

Welcome to Estonia!

Website is being updated

We are taking our website development further and we are planning to update the frontend by making some Airports and Training information more flexible and easier to be read and understood.

The project is lead by Pelle Klein, Head of Web Services.
If you find any bugs, you can find his email address from "Contact" menu.

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